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The Website of Stephen Portlock and Hamlet.

Blind, Mad, Comedian

Picture of Stephen Portlock in a dressing gownHello

Thanks for dropping by. Do make yourself at home.

This is the website of Stephen Portlock. As an Obsessive Compulsive, I was quietly muddling my way through life… and then I went blind! Things became very odd, very confusing and very rude. Only one thing for it. Accompanied by my trusty Hamlet, I became raconteur.

Hamlet and I have been traipsing the comedy circuit for several years now and in 2019 we did a thirty minute show at the Edinburgh Fringe. A variation on that show formed one half of BLINDCRAFT, the show which fellow blind comedian Richard Wheatley and I performed at this year’s Brighton Fringe.

I’ve been advised that it’s good to include certain key terms to raise my websites profile in search engines. I’ve done my best but you might wish to look elsewhere if you are seeking  teenage anal gang bang cheerleader sex orgies.

Stephen & Hamlet poster.

Stephen and hamlet blind and mad.