Stephen and Hamlet: Blind and Mad

Let’s face it, we’re all nuts. When you’re a middle-aged, blind obsessive-compulsive, though, life can be particularly odd, not to mention confusing and more than a little rude.

Having previously traipsed around Edinburgh, Hove and Plymouth, London’s gentlest comedian, Stephen Portlock, accompanied by his impeccably well-behaved dog Hamlet, and bringing a cuddly Minion in tow, returns once again to Brighton to leave residents and visitors bewildered, befuddled, and bemused as he delivers a very ramshackle guide through the highways and byways of life’s weirdness.

Sweet, sometimes filthy, often embarrassing and surprisingly often true, this is one sentimental journey you will definitely remember.

“Excellent” (Ultimate Radio)

“Wonderful” (Kyle Wallace, magician, comedian, and host of G&B Comedy)

Age suitability: 18 +

Caroline of Brunswick06 May 2022 22:45, Free

The Temple Bar04 June 2022 12:00, Free